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    Dovegirl 1186
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    let's talk and I'll tell you
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    Hot-leya 1185
    What excites me in men is the power of their
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    BlackMonro 1184
    ????attention, understanding, desire, impulse
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    Alinn1 1180
    Today it is important to have ideals, to loo
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    MarryGirly 1175
    Everything turns me on
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    Brunettegirl0 1174
    i love generous and kind persons))
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    KisaVorobieva 1172
    Умные ,внимательные мужчины
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    Kind and sweet, generous .... such are buried
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    i like hot mens bodies
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    The perseverance of men who know what they wa
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    Love to be kissed, caressed, spoiled, and to
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    Delicvelvet1 1164
    мудрость внимательность надежность мужская се
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    I rushing from the internal mad male energy a
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    Confident, adults, wealthy people who can aff
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    petting games male submission
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    nice, kind and sociable guys
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    Gentlemen who know how to treat, please and m
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    male hands, bristles
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    I get aroused when my body and brain are care
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    fat big tips make me wild arrrr...
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    Men and girls coming to my room with a good m
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    dominance ,bdsm
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    I like speak erotic
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    gentle and kind man
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    soft kisses and caresses, gentlemen, nice wor
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    I love men older than me , experinced and nau
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    tip 100
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    Ценят женщины ум и культуру А так же песни п
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    Он берет мое лицо в ладони и с силой овладева
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    I do not like compliments, I like decisive ac
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    Beautiful legs!!